Hulu’s Catch 22 Embed Code

Oh you have to love it when the online Gods Conspire to work against you.
This error message does not appear in separate browser tab but replaces the original post and story.

In presenting a story on the Daily Show’s savagely  funny skit on the GOP’s scuttling of even background checks on gun purchases, ye editor ran into a problem trying to embed the video into’s WordPress Blog. The underlying problem is that apparently Comedy central does not allow showing Daily Show videos outside the US with a few exceptions.

But Hulu makes matters infinitely worse by a)immediately producing the following error code  without the user even clicking on the video’s  Play button and b)not creating the error message in collapsible popup or a separate tab but instead replacing the original story posting. So the user, if they click the back button to get to read the story , are immediately taken to this error message again – in Goundhog Day movie fashion. perhaps, Hulu wanted to add their commentary on the perversion of democracy perpetrated by the GOP+NRA .

So two “thank yous” go out to a) Comedy Central for religiously regulating international viewing of the Daily Show videos and b)Hulu for accidentally or purposely making its embed codes so disastrously dysfunctional.

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