Well GUI Integration continues to heat up. Sun has announced to new features to JavaFX. JavaFX Script will have a compiler that renders JavaFX script into JVM bytecode. This means that the range of platforms that JavaFX can run on is broader than before because the Alpha JavaFX code was running a JavaFXScript interpreter.

But equally intriguing, JavaFXPad is also promised with NetBeans 6.0 and with NetBeans 5.5 as a plugin. JavaFXPad is designed to simplify and enhance the GUI building process. Even more intiguing – ReportMill who already have some very nifty Java report and interface tools now have JFXBuilder which builds cool JavaFX -with-JavaFXPad based apps. This is a good sign that Sun has already gotten some 3rd party developers on board and producing very interesting cross platform GUIs in JavaFX and associated tools. Microsoft say SilverLight RC is due shortly and Adobe Flex 3 is in beta. This is a huge market (1 source for all GUI interface code) – so expect developments to accelerate.

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