LAMM Leads the Way ?

Dana Epp has posted a counter to AJAX as the preferred development stack for SAAS-Software as a Service implementations. This is LAMM and it is an interesting variation on the LAMP-Linux Apache MySQL PHP/PythonPerl) solution. Replace PHP/Python and Perl with Novells Mono and get cross platform perfomance with C# speed. And given Doug Bagleys benchmarks, we know that C# sharps sit at the top of the middle execution tier (7-9 times slower than the fastest C programs). But this puts the programs at a 10-20 times faster than PHP/Perl/Python. So on performance alone LAMM has some attractions.

Dana is also points to some development/implementation speed advantages along with fuller Web Services integration. Now some will say this is just a Microsoft delaying ploy to get users to redirect toward a more Windows and .NET friendly environ. And that may be true to an extent. But because the LAMP vendors have yet to deliver a full LAMP IDE – with 1)visual drag and drop interface developer, 2)color and code context sensitive editor, 3)integrated debugger for both client and server-side tracings – the ball game is still open. There is a fairly attractive Mono Developer tool that seems to be as good as any JavaScript or PHP IDE. Name one good one from either camp that meets all 3 criteria. Yes I know Visual Studio more than fits the Bill – but that is if you dont care about cross platform systems and interoperability.

But that is just what we have argued in our own article on AJAX directions. SaaS opens the ballgame to a number of strategies in which two coding streams may be used: JavaScript (or Jython or JudoScript), Flash or Java on the client/presentation with XML as the data interface and LAMP, LAMM, Flash/Flex server or JSP/EJB for a completely cross platform and highly interoperable development stack.

By making .NET so Windows proprietary in an era of computing screaming for integration, interoperability and better price performance; and by thwarting Web development through no technology updates to IE – Microsoft has forced the issue. And competitors are now delivering very attractive alternatives to the highly proprietary and increasingly expensive Microsoft development stack. LAMM may lead the way to a new thinking on how to develop not just for SaaS but general development.

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