Linux Bungles as Vista Clunks

Joe Wilcox at Microsoft-Watch has described the Edsel that is Vista sales. This would appear to be the opportunity of the decade for Desktop Linux. You would think that the Linux troopers, aware of the inherent weaknesses in Vista:
– Vista requires 2-4 times the hardware resources to get equivalent response time as Linux desktops
– Vistas learning curve represents as formidable a task if not more so as getting used to Linux desktops
– Vista security nuisance factor has no equivalent on Linux desktop
– Vista has peripheral compatibility problems that make Linux look more compatible than Windows
– Vista has application compatibility problems including very few apps that are Vista let alone Aero enabled
one would think that Linux troopers would be prepared to strike with a concerted thrust into the desktop market. And the biggest PC vendor, Dell, has agreed to make Linux available on a wide range of its desktop and laptop machines. So Dell chose Ubuntu 7.04 and here is what a long time Ubuntu fan has to say about this latest version. Does this look like high scale bungling by Linux troopers squandering an opportunity not provided every year by Microsoft?

Well see our commentary here and Stefanie Kugelsees take here as to why this might happen. Maybe this desire for a missing “concerted thrust from Linux troopers” is just the lack of focus brought about by little or no profits that Bill Gates has insisted makes Open Source so vulnerable in competitive markets.

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