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I currently use Linux on one of my 3 current PCs about 1/3 of the time. I have asked myself what would it take to get me to go to Linux fulltime especially given the specter of el Bloato = Vista and its rancid fat running rampant on desktops. My answer is in two screenshots:

Adobe Dreamweaver 8

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Yes, what I am saying is that I would probably convert to Linux desktop full time – all three machines to startup in Linux with a Windows virtual machine on the big HP if Dreamweaver and Photoshop came to Linux. So all those who say that Adobe is doomed because Redmond is lining up Adobe in their crosshairs with Metro, Expression, Crystal, WMA, WMV, WMP plus the upcoming renegotiation of automatic inclusion of Flash plugin with IE install – I say wait a second. Adobe has some nifty cards in its hands too.

Why Dreamweaver and Photoshop?

Now why are Dreamweaver and Photoshop so important? Look at the usage line-up below. The bulk of my work is done in both OS but the most urgent tasks are more often on Windows primarily systems. Dreamweaver and Photoshop on Linux would change that. Interestingly I have found some others in the switching to Linux mood – and here are some other reasonings:
Linux Slow Switch
A more rabid approach to Linux
What is holding Linux back on the desktop?

My Current Desktop Computer usage
Linux primarily:
Word processing, spreadsheet, presentations: Open Office
Browsing and Mail: Firefox, Opera and Gmail

Linux and Windows 50-50 Shared
Database development: MySQL, Oracle XE, SQLDeveloper
Web maintenance: Apache, KDEdit, Eclipse, NetBeans, JDeveloper
Image browsing/quick fixes: GIMP

Windows primarily:

Web development: Dreamweaver, HTMLKit
Database Development: DBDesigner
Software reviews: Snagit, Rhymesaurus, Wordweb
Image/video editing: Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, Visio

Note: Apple hardware and software just does not cut the mustard, see here for one reason.
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