Mac as Unix Desktop Winner

eWeeks Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols states the case for Mac being the best Unix/Linux desktop and Apples current quarterly results and profits states the case for a lot of desktop buyers agreeing with their dollars to Stevens arguments.

And this party being the lone Linux/Windows user in a family of 6 brothers, would have to agree with the overall assessment of Steven as well. But ….

1)a company that still sells machines with a mouse with one button is ….
2)the administration of Macs is worse than ….
3)I would not loan the file management utility to my monkeys ….
4)Macs prices are always greater than PCs by ….
5)Macs have a software selection that is less than Linux but wider than ….
6)Macs support of hardware devices is better than ….
7)Apples boss has an ego bigger than which quasi-stellar object ….

Yes I like the direction Apple is going in, but ….


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