Microsoft Continues Web Mischief

When your total  browser market share is declining by 1% per month [see wikipedia note here] and you are courting developers for your new Windows 8 OS which features HTML5 as a key developer component [the only cross platform tool of any import being offered byMicrosoft], the last thing Redmond would want to do is create some Web mischief. Well Microsoft’s hardball  tactics appear to an endemic condition.  Latest mischief – if you cant beat Google cause their Adsense ads to disappear in your browsers. The following screenshots are taken using IE9 and the preview of IE 10.

Google Adsense is missing in IE9 – the Big Gap under options at right of screen shot

But if you turn on the “Compatibility View” then Google Ad Appears

Most interesting is what happens in IE 10 Preview – the Future of Microsoft browsing:

The Preview edition, with no Compatibility View toggle switch

This shows that Microsoft continues to act in bad faith on browser operations. Redmond forces users to click on  an icon to restore viewing that all 4 other major browsers have no problems with.  Now readers can understand why ye Editor had so many caveats in the review of  Windows 8 – a very promising offering that has the disadvantage of being under the influence of Microsoft “management”.  Also please  explain to me why Congress is investigating Google now and left Microsoft unexamined and  unscathed throughout the 200o-2008 period when Redmond did not update its IE browser, gave away free editions of its BI software to prop up SQL Server sales, and  had the worst record for security and reliability with its monopoly Windows and IE browser systems.

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