Strange Blog, Microsoft Monitor. Takes what appears to be independent stands on Microsoft practices and marketing in the IT environ. But then really studiously avoids major issues such as the Microsofts funding of SCO or the latest blunder, the dTocqueville Institutes attempt to cast aspersions and slander on the genesis of Linux. Or Microsofts continued delinquency on bringing IE up-to-date on its pledges many times and many years ago to meet W3C standards (They are currently crying “poorhouse ” while leaving developers with 20-40% more work on delivering cross browser apps ).

Microsoft Monitor is really semi-independent carping about PR, operational snafus and communication strategy from 1 Microsoft Way; not a real attempt to look at the fundamental strategies of the Corp Everybody Loves Like IBM Back in the Early 80s. Really this blog is like Scobleizer , a lighthouse to the hundreds of Microsoft bloggers. This blog shows the troops how far offshore you can go without getting shipwrecked or Donald Trumped forthwith – “Is that a cigarette you want before the firing squad takes away all those long-hours of options-under-water?”