NextGen Gallery Plugin Improvements

NextGen Gallery has had a very shaky start to its new 2.0 upgrade since Photocrati took over the plugin’s development. As previously reported the plugin was next to inoperable if you wanted to add new images or galleries in the  2.0 version. However, the following screenshot shows major fixes in the Add and Manage Gallery functions:
First and foremost, Add Gallery now adds a gallery and imports images into the gallery in at least two ways – direct add by drag and drop in the Add Gallery interface and by FTP-ing image files to the gallery directory and then having them imported. Second and equally important, thumbnails are now created for those imported image files. Finally tags are recorded and erased with success .  So now a more thorough review of  NextGen Gallery is due.

Nonetheless,  this reviewer will wait for one more update to Nextgen Gallery before embarking on a review. This is motivated in part by the large number of plugin conflicts still persisting [thanks to Frank Goosens at Google+ for this info] with the installation of NextGen Gallery 2.07 update. Alarmingly these bugs effect a number of competitive slider to the Nextgen Gallery Pro version.  Finally , as  a teaser, the big overview appears to see major improvements to the front-end display capabilities of Nextgen and only minor improvements to the backend operations.

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