Powerpoint Presentations on the Web


Now use Scribd shortcode on a WordPress Blog.

Powerpoint on  WordPress self-hosted webblogs

First try is with  WordPress [ embed ] statement Note the Powerpoint Presentation on  Scribd
has been made public.

Ooops –  no cigar for a live embedded Powerpoint; but the link will take you to the proper page.

Second try using iPaper plugin:
[ipaper id=109835270 key=key-16d8m633u5fcj2ip5v4 width=750 height=550 mode=slide]

Success of sorts – in IE the slide colors do not show though they  can be seen at Scribd.

Third try using Google Docs plugin:

[gview file="http://theopensourcery.ca/freeblog2.ppt" width="700" height="500" ]


So far our efforts to produce Powerpoint presentations live on the Web has mixed results. You can do it as the iPaper and GoogleDocs plugins in WordPress and native HTML in the case of GoogleDocs work. But also as you can see the lpoad times for the presentations can be slow. Also control of the presentations using mouse and keyboard clicks are not equivalent to what is available on the desktop.More options will be explored in the coming weeks and if you have a favourite method send Ye editor an email [comments had to be closed because of devastating spam volumes] about your favourite tool for embedding online Powerpoint presentations.

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