Software Pleasure: Popkins System Architect

A liitle more than five years ago I wrote the following note to Popkin software staff:

Mark – I thought I had sent this out to you; but apparently not. That is too bad my apologies. However, the problem may not be too severe because I have just started
on my review of Java+UML+Components for Fawcette and JavaPro having just finished a major look at Java+XML..

By the way I have been using Popkins An Introduction to Object Orineted Modeling as one excellent source of information. Also Allan Reddings article in Information Week from Dec 14th on the proliferation of RAD technologies but the dearth of effective RAD solutions has been well targetted.

For example in the UML arena – nobody can forward and reverse engineer from anything other than object or class diagrams. Also there is a wealth of components such as JavaBeans, EJBs, data models, COM components and middleware transaction processing servlets that are currently all but invisble to developers. The new XMI standard and Microsoft/Platinum repository and other exchange mechanisms will help – but design patterns, templates and components have to be well integrated into our design tools

Well, Popkins System Architect just got a rave review from eWeeks Peter Coffee – and so it looks like a little follow up on some of my favorite software is overdue. So watch for a review in theOpenSourcery in the coming weeks.

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