SPSS Clementine 8.1

Clementine is a data analysis tool from SPSS which runs on several server platforms for the analysis side and Win ME, 2000, and XP clients. Clementine takes a wholistic approach to data mining – that is the business of classifying and interpreting all that business data that naturally accumulates in an organization. Clementine helps companies get at the accounting, ERP, inventory, manufacturing, supply chain data – the so-called data warehouses of information about doing business. Clementine supports the processes used to identify relevant data, organizing/cleaning for predictive use, and then building the models and the associated data mines.

The Windows interface for doing these operations is very attractive. Users build an evolving model of the relations and workflow as a visual tree diagram. Clementine then prepares automatically some of the reports and analytics that derive from that model. Users then embellish the model with a broad range of simple to elegant statistical analyses. The software at $50-100K is not designed to be shelfware; but for the data driven organization its quite helpful. In short, Clementine from SPSS is a new base , a remarkably thorough approach to data analysis.

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