The FireBug Advantage

Now some would argue that Firefox deserves to be your browser for the great number of cool plugins that it offers. This story in Computerworld is typical of what the Web savvy are saying about Firefoxs plugin advantage. The Firefox website has this list of 1844 and counting add-ons.

Others will say that Firefox real advantage is that it supports W3C and other Web standards such as SVG, E4X, and CSS better than IE and most other browsers. And our recent tests of CSS and AJAX would bear that out vis a vis IE; but not Opera and Apples Safari which seem to match and sometimes better Firefox at least in some CSS tests such that one cannot unequivocally say Firefox is better than Safari and Opera on CSS tests.

However, there is one category for which I think Firefox has a clear advantage and that is in web developer tools. First, GreaseMonkey allows active control of JavaScripts and other aspects of web page presentation. This is a Power Web users tool par excellence. Next, there is FireFTP that allows users to do FTP direct from the browser – very handy and convenient.

But the most important ones are Web Developer and Firebug. These are debugger tools built right into Firefox that speed up development time so significantly. The screen shot below show how much information these debuggers present:
The usablity and Web development info on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are just invaluable. Web developers are onto this and so Web pages and Add-ons get developed first and fastest in Firefox. This is the FireBug advantage which will ultimately make Firefox the most popular browser. If you are a Web developer – try it, you will like it.

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