Transmedias Glide

The SaaS Office World continues to heat up with another feature laden player with Transmedias Glide:

Okay, what I have seen so far has been only a demo – but that was very impressive. There are three versions of Glide. The Campus Version seen in the screenshot above, a Business version, and a Campus version as shown above. During the demo I got a chance to see Word Processing, Slideshow Presentation and Image Editing apps that were impressive. Even more impressive was the ability to work online and offline and to share files and apps among other Glide users with fairly refined permissions. The only the weak link: in the registration process for the Free version of Glide (which delivers 300MB of storage on their server) the SMS Text messaging verification did not work.

As soon as I can get signed up I shall provide more details. Given that Zoho and Glide both have better functionality, services, and in the case of Glide, service model – the Google and Microsoft bigboys may have some disruptive upstart surprises on their hands. This one is good and getting better.

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