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Two of the best writers and commentators on the IT scene have left the story and deadline dooms behind moving on in early 2007. Peter Coffee at eWeek and Jon Udell of Infoworld both brought brightness, curiosity and insight to the computing world. At a time when the IT Trade Press appears to becoming docile and losing some of its mandate to business-based coverage and ever proliferating blogs (Mea Culpa), their skills and perceptions will be missed.

Now I and the Computing public will have to search wider for stories and insights like these:

Peter Coffee at eWeek:
Soa Success Demands Dexterity – a critical operations view on SOA
Never Bean Better – Peter and I agree, Net beans 5.5 is a superior Java development environ
SOA Governance Gets Real – about what really drives the success of SOA

Peters new coverage on Salesforce.coms Apex development environ can be found here, the Developing World and a broader business viewpoint, the Business of Apex .

Jon Udell at Infoworld:
The Network is the Blog – how important the Net-based interactions are to the blogosphere
Whatever Happened to SVG – Jon is bluntly honest about what his new employer, Microsoft, did to SVG
Playing with Data using XML – here is a strong endorsement of E4X extensions to JavaScript

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