Virtual Desktop Package

I am amazed that a virtual company like VMware or Citrix/Xen has not teamed up with a PC vendor like Dell, HP, Lenovo or Asus to offer a packaged VM desktop that runs in Linux and then your choice of Vista, XP, or Mac as a VM machine. And VM would be preset-up and loaded on the PC so context switching would be trivial. I would be willing to pay $300 to $500 for this capability. And Microsoft would love to sell more Vista and – ooops now you understand why Microsoft has been adamant about shutting down sales of Windows XP as of June 30th 2008. And as for Apple and Steve Jobs allowing for a Mac/OS VM package – you will have to wait until HFO.

Now tell me dear reader, is this the kind of OS provision and service in the market place you had in mind when Microsoft lured you into giving them a 95% monopoly of the desktop OS market share ? Dont you just love to pay the Windows, Office, Exchange, and other Microsoft taxes for your IT operations ? How do you like the service and support you are getting ? Just asking.

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