Visual Lightbox

There are a ton of great AJAX Mashables and Widgets becoming available on the Web and even for design use on your PC. Here is one of the better tools, Visual Lightbox which implements a very customizable image viewer  for a web page use anywhere – its  open and free jQuery based. The screen shot above does not do justice to how ridiculously simple it is to load up images intoVisual Light Box – just drag and drop from your favorite file folder utility.

Once the images are dcided and ordered – again dirt simple to do – then just press on the Properties menu or toolbar icon  and away you go. First decide the look and feel of the thumbnails as seen in the screen shot above. Then press on the templates icon – to decide the size and styling of the “full-sized” images. Users get to control the size of display of the images- so they don’t have to be full size. Then Press the publish icon and Visual Lightbox  generates the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code and displays the result in your web browser:

Warkworth Fall Scenes

In sum you are done but free to customize and edit among a dozen thumbnail and template stylings uutil you get the exact look and feel you like. A splendid free tool! Now the only question is how to get this onto a WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal blog page. I leave it up to the reader as an exercise.

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