WAMP or XAMPP: Install Magic

Anybody who has had to install portions of the LAMP suite on Windows knows that that can be an excruciating exercise depending on what versions of the various LAMP suite you are using. Well two Open Sourcers, WAMP and XAMPP, have changed all that. I use both, changing when one gets closer to to my target install than the other. Both are very fast, very easy to use and have never failed to do an install on Windows in less than 5 minutes.

Here is the output screen from XAMPP:
Look what you get here:
Apache 2.2.x
PHP 4.4.x
PHP 5.x
Perl 5.x
MySQL 5.x
Plus a whole litany of very useful utilities – and installed as Windows services [or not] plus a Control Center. This is the way LAMP and Open Source needs to serve its community of developers. Easy installs and getting started which will then make the support and commentary blogs a lot more targetted towards “working” with the software.

Top marks to the people behind WAMP and XAMPP. I have made a donation to both – and you should too depending on how much time they save you. I suspect it will be a lot.

(c)JBSurveyer 2006
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