Web 3.0 for Real

eEweek has an excellent slideshow on nextgen IT infrastructure that will change Enterprise IT profoundly.

This slideshow is well worth the look see.
First, it marks the change back from PC centric IT to data center or more correctly network centric IT. Second, the cumulative effect of XML-based Web services, proliferation of smart devices and controllers out onto the network, plus device independent software is finally coming to fruition after gestation of 5 or more years. This will not be a passing phase or epi-phenomenon – this change over has deep roots.

And thus, third, because of the effect on how IT is done, the broad and deep reach of the changes and the comparative demise of IT trade press, this Web 3.0 means that the opportunity for organizations to achieve significant periods of competitive advantage comparable to WalMarts pioneering SCM and BI-driven marketing (see what a position that allowed Wall mart to maintain and expand over the past 10 years) will be there for the taking.

Yes, IT competitive advantage is not a permanent fixture the disruptive and fast change of technology will be driven by Moores and related laws – and the simple fact that technology continues to accelerate its own development and innovation. So do expect to have to do more than a big bang intro of emerging technology; anticipate a features rollout over 3-7 years which adapts and builds on initial successes. Web 3.0 has substance and will be different from the AJAX and primarily GUI driven Web 2.0. Oh … and it brings to mind a Harvard Business School professor who said IT technology innovation is slowing down and the effort to gain competitive advantage through IT is obsolete. Yes the PC-centric IT phase has moved well past its maximum innovation point, but look whats up for network/mobile/WiFi centric change.

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