Big commanding full page slider as LibreOffice’s home landing page

This is a new trend that is picking up steam as sliders become ever more accomplished. Instead of being used for  special events or  short term splash pages, these full page-width slider are becoming the landing home page[s] for more sites. And why not? Make a banner ad for your total site. Because its a slider you have a Visual Sitemap to your whole site that can help lure in customers. Because its a slider, you can easily change the order of the slides or add a special event slide at anytime. Because it is a slider, it will be reponsive and look good on any PC or mobile device screen. Because its a slider, you can programmatically switch to the regular home page for further user browsing.

But the payoff of big sliders showing a Visual Sitemap of a website cannot be underestimated. Almost all the new big page slider have 4 advantages:
1)Responsive design so they work well on mobile devices as well as big PC desktop screens;
2)They support captions and CSS styled text;
3)their full page size attracts users attention;
4)and they have embedded links to take users with a click to the displayed section of a website.
[iframe src=’’ width=’800′ height=’600′] As big images are handled by ever increasing Web bandwidth and speed, expect to see full page sliders splash all over the Web.