alogo starts coverage of what is happening to Web 2.0 as it goes prime time.

Sprout Builder for Cloud Widgets and Mash-ups
The move of organizations large and small to the Cloud is predicated on three factors:
1)Web/Cloud Apps apps can deliver on 24/7 anytime and global anywhere more effectively than desktops;
2)Web/Cloud Apps can deliver collaboration and integration features right from the start;
3)Web/Cloud Apps offer SaaS IT services and App outsourcing to a whole new set of clientele.
Our coverage looks at Cloud Computing in detail here, evaluates how the various development tools of Web 2.0 step up to Cloud Computing in this assessment of languages and then features the first 3 of many Cloud Applications previews here. Check the stories out and let us know what Cloud Technologies and/or Apps you think should be featured in upcoming reviews and stories