Update-I missed some big players in the US Tech Sector
The Google Buyout of Motorola is all the news in the Financial Press; so here is the top 3 IT Money Bags:

1)Microsoft – $52.8B – not yet showing? $8.5B for Skype
2)Cisco – $43.4B
3)Apple – $28.4B
4)Google – $38.1B – not yet showing $12.5B for Motorola and $6B for Dealmap buyouts.
5)HP – $12.8B
6)IBM – $11.5B

Note the Cash + Short Term Investments for all three companies is as of June 30, 2011. Major deals that might lower the “Free Cash” positions are noted on the sides. In sum, Microsoft has the most free cash to play with for any counter moves.