Google Plus is a great place for discussing technology trends. Here is an example:

ZDNet’s Steven Vaughn-Nichols picks up a Wayne Rash post who in turn is commenting on how eMail support may be one of the reasons behind Windows 8 Surface RT [the ARM version of Windows hardware ] flagging sales and relatively high return   rate. Both writers see POP email support as vital. It is a good discussion.

In fact  one commenter  adds the following salient points: “This is the old Microsoft arrogance in action. ‘We control the OS platform so we control/can restrain the options on what associated support software/apps are made available for it.’.

But hey, look at the other two major client OS vendors. Steve Jobs and Apple just redoubled the MSFT proprietary notion by charging  confiscatory 30% runtime fee to developers and an approval process that condemns “any cross platform notions” while being draconian when deemed necessary.

Google Android went with the flow and just adopted Apples methods. And on ChromeBook, Google is even more restrictive as to development options, ability to run offline, and whose Cloud Services get preference. So if you flush the toilet on Microsoft, make sure you have your Apple and Google gear covered up….”

And the following comment stream is reasonably interesting because it is reasonably civilized.

Knock on Wood

So far Google+ has  managed to remain in technology discussions troll and fanboy free. This means less superfluous ad-hominem attacks [“you are a dolt when it comes to …”], less dismissive and ignoring of the other viewpoint, and most mercifully, not prone to virulence and blatant misinformation and deception. of trolls and fanboys. Knock on wood.

How long will  Google+ be able to maintain this relatively fanboy and hostility free environ? Who knows – the fervour and style of national political debate is not a great examplar. But perhaps, Google+ mechanisms such as Circle and Communities will provide some deterrence and discipline against verbal terrorists.

In Sum

Meanwhile, this party is interested to the answer to the question – which client OS is muckier? Will that be Windows 8 RT, Apple iOS  or  Google Android???