Windows Rot…

David Coursey has a piece ostensibly about when Windows Vista will ship and the role that Jim Allchin will play in making that come about. This year for Christmas and because the Guys and Gals at 1 Microsoft Way will want to win wong for the Grifter … uhhh Gipper. – so this year for Vista – huzzzah huzzah.

Enough said. Column over. Quit David while you are ahead.

But Davd is only about halfway through the column. And truly the column has the smell of rumor from inside, unnamed sources that are poking holes in the Vista timeline scenarios. But David got to the conclusion … and so enough said.

But suddenly David raises the question of Windows Rot. This is the descriptive term for the fact that longer you use Windows the worse it gets over time in terms of performance and response time. This reviewer sees it on one of his machines that is three years old and cannot reproduce (its slower sometimes by 20%) benchmarks done 2 1/2 years before even though the app software is identically the same, memory has increased and there is more and defragged diskspace at Windows disposal. Blame it on the Registry. Redmond Tech support recognizes Windows Rot – and frequently will recommend you step back to an earlier Windows Registry snapshot – or simply re-install Windows alltogether.

But David trudges on and raises two interesting points. First, Redmond tech support may recognize the problem of Windows Rot – but not Redmond Executive Suite. Second, David then cites the following fact that will certainly never be found at = > Linux and Mac OS do not have the same problem – they just keep on purring regardless of how intensively and often you change the software on them. There is no equivalent Unix or Linux or MacOS rot.

So David has promised to raise the question wth Jim Allchin of Windows Rot and will Vista get rid of the problem ? Wish Fly Wall Same Room.

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