WordPress Speed Matters – A Free Meetup

TuesdayNov 8th   2022 evening at 6PM is the date for a free and very informative Zoom meetup about the  latest trends in WordPress Performance Tuning. Lets start with three basic points.  First WordPress is used on 43% of the top 10 million Websites worldwide. Therefore WP technology is an important factor across all web development. And WordPress Technology is changing very rapidly. Just ask  any developer trying to fight off  security hazards, keeping up with sweeping semi-annual changes in Gutenberg plus other WP UI development tools and positioning their products and services in a tumultuous economy and business market.

But the underlying assumption is that Speed Matters for the Performance of your website as cited below.There are three reasons to monitor your web page performance:
1 – Website speed profoundly influences a site’s traffic & conversions-The Daily Egg spells out some of the key measures effecting website results.
2 – Website Marketing and SEO ranking also depends on speed, especially on mobile devices. But a whole range of operational factors from robust sitemaps, structured schema, accessibility design and active monitoring are contributing factors noted by – ThinkwithGoogle.
3 – The Web changes constantly and active monitoring tools keep you posted. Hubspot describe Google Analytics alternatives and Sematext describe the best Website Speed testing tools.This latter report is relevant as costs and features for speed tools has changed dramatically in the past year.

This Meetup will explore some of the major changes occurring in active website monitoring. And one of the key trends is how major new Themebuilders are taking on directly web tuning operations  and delivering eye opening website performance scores for their users.
1 – Oxygen Builder has asset and bloat control tools, better div creation routines, font chooser methods, and caching with popular  CDNs for top notch speed scores.
2 – Breakdance also uses smart asset loading and bloat elimination, CDN integration, special caching but adds image optimization tricks. But most interesting, Oxygen and Breakdance are both owned by the same company Soflyy.
3 – BricksBuilder is a year-old ThemeBuilder which offers asset and bloat control routines, special caching and fast Vue.js 3 runtime code.
These three ‘new” Themebuilders are taking their cue from Gutenberg FSE-Full Site Editing and are absorbing traditional backend performance tasks like caching, targeted lazy loading, and image/object optimization to their performance features. So relative performance plugin newcomers like Perfmatters and Asset Cleanup find some of their functions duplicated n the new ThemeBuilders.

Large-scale Change, Large-scale Overlap

So this is the overall status of WordPress Performance Tuning today. First, there are large-scale changes in how WordPress software and hardware works alongside broader Web environs. These include changes in approaching the market,  new presentation methods plus  on-going efforts to defends against security hazards.

So coping with change is part and parcel of WP Tuning. But the second, factor, that gets less attention is the increasing amount of overlap among the WordPress tools The 3 new ThemeBuilder tools taking on backend tuning roles is just  part of the current tuning quandary – what is the best selection of performance tools to use for your WordPress.

The best way to find out, is to do some real world  performance tuning work. So please come to the meetup with some real page-tuning problem. We will then apply the Tuning Triage methods  to your page. We would create a duplicate copy of your page/post and then do the tuning safely there.Note we have carefully avoided sitewide tuning because that would involve creating a Staging Site for the safe work of a broader multipage tuning effort.Yes, we can do a sitewide assessment but the better exercise might be to do 1-2 page tuning efforts.

So please do come with some challenging  tuning problems – page level problems preferred. If we have a surplus of tuning problems but not enough time, we can schedule some follow up Zoom sessions in the following few days. Finally if you find the meetup helpful, please buy me a cup of coffee.

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