2 Free Web Tutorials at Quinte West Library

The Web Doctor is in at the Quinte West Library on Monday July 7th from 5:30 to 7:30PM.
The topic is website  makeovers – when, why , and how. This lecture is for those who don’t have a website as much as those who do but want to do better.  The surprising conclusion is that you may not need a website but rather a targeted web presence. The costs  for a good web presence are remarkably low – be it a website or an active presence on relevant social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr , Google Plus, etc. The key is to match your message to where your customers/clients are and what they want to know about you. Think of a makeover that makes sense.

The second tutorial on Monday July 15th looks at the many opportunities to add interest, sizzle yet navigation ease to your website:
The new set of splash page Web Widgets provide a triple benefit. First, as splash pages they help attract attention to your event, product or service. Second, these splash pages are a better Visual Sitemap – a quick visual summary of all that you have to offer yet also a navigation guide as to where to get all the relevant details o your event or service. Finally, and most helpful, most of the splash page widgets are responsive – so they shrink or expand gracefully to meet mobile devices as well as big full scree desktop installations. I effect, your website become more mobile ready.

Again, this is a hands on lecture in which we will demo how to create a splash page. So bring your laptop or tablet and event or product photos as we create a live splash page for you.

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