Creative Computing: Rhymesaurus

From time to time I shall try to emphasize some of my favorite software for doing creative work. Since I am constantly toiling in the Wordpatch, it is appropriate to start with Rhymesaurus from Purpleroom:
Are you like me – particular about word and yet frustrated by the ability to find the perfect rhyme or a better synonym, or one more bon mot for one more word beef four breaking the mono syllable alliteration(thanks again Saurus). Well Rhymesaurus excels at helping you find rhyme and rhythm in your writing. Yes, the definitions are cursory and less than comprehensive. But the Saurians thesaurus with its antonyms and synonyms is much more serviceable but no match for the dancing wonders of Visual Thesaurus. But as you can see in the screen shot above – in the world of rhyme, Rhymesaurus is sublime.

Rhymesaurus is a a virtuous not just for rhyme , but also for alliteration (first syllable same sound), consonance(all consonants the same sound), and all sorts of variations on syllables and sound coinciding in novel ways. If you want words to sing in form as well as meaning, Rhymesuarus is the source of it.

(c)JBSurveyer 2006
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