DHTML Renaissance

Infoworlds Jon Udell has hit the nail on the head with his story about Going Gaga over Googles Gmail.(Infoworld October 25, 2004). No its not another geewhiz panopoly of praise for Gmail. Rather Jon states his case rather succintly – “a browser user interface that trumps many desktop apps ? Here is how they did it” and then proceeds to describe how good DHTML can be in a browser with a little help from the JavaScript coding gurus at Google. This is just the dynamic behavior Joel Spolsky has been looking for in a Web UI.

Now for readers who frequent such JavaScript development spots as: – 24 free JavaScript components a lot like Microsofts InfoPath toolset
DHTML Central – Thomas Brattl offers his free DHTML menu wonders
Dynamic Drive – offers awide range of free DHTML scripts, showing JavaScripts versatility
HotScripts for JavaScript – great resource center with over 1700 JavaScripts
JavaScript Kit – provides some quick and nifty code samples plus tutorials
theOpenSourcerys JavaScripts – our own favorites and home brew JavaScripts
They know there are a wealth of great UI components to be found on these websites. They also know that these DHTML scripts provide fast response and ease of use such that developers can make Web-based thin client apps appear a lot thicker and richer than ever before. This is exactly what Jon is describing, the Renaisance of DHTML.


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