Microsoft & Zotob

For the moment – forget the issue of IE vulnerability and consider how direct and responsive Microsoft has been in providing a solution for the Zotob worm. It is positively Open Source-like and welcome, especially at a couple of large ministries I have worked for in the past.

The key – no denials, no delays for testing that the worm exists – just a solution that users can deploy right away.

Now cynics will say that this “positive” reaction is only because Zotob hit some major media outlets, who having been paralyzed, found the item newsworthy enough to make the headline news. Other skeptics will say that because IE7 is now starting to face major competition and will be launched by yearend – Microsoft does not want bad news to cripple the IE brand name.

Perhaps true. But this Zotob fast action is what customers want and not investments in Microsoft Anti-virus software whose launch and sale on the market place really will infuriate loyal Microsoft shops. As one manager put it – “I dont want Microsoft deciding when and who to make antivirus and security fixes/updates available to based on whether that customer has purchased the latest MS anti-virus/security software. When I bought the OS and applications I already paid a premium for security and support among other things. I do not want a safety and security surtax.”

Just a helpful FYI for the Microsoft Marketing Moguls.

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