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Google promised  a beta release of its Chrome OS  before 2010. Google’s Android OS is just starting to appear for some netbooks and with mixed reviews so far.  the OS has already garnered a number of unofficial blogs, here is a typical one , that appear to be trlling mightily for more than tidbits of Chrome OS info. So it is with a good deal of interest I read through eWeeks recent prognostications on ChromeOS –

10 Reasons Why Chrome OS Will Outshine Nokia, Linux on Netbooks.

With so little to go on for eWeek writer Don Reisinger it was nonetheless fascinating to see not just the ten points made on ChromeOS but even more importantly, the reaction from the Linux community. Now it is important to note that the Linux community has stood divided through at least 10 long years of Windows dominance of the desktop operating system market. Even when provided with a gawdawful Microsoft Vista OS, the Linux community managed to provide no viable contender to take market share away from the Steve Ballmer giveaway sale.

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  1. I highly doubt Google’s Chrome OS will take any market share away from anyone. Who really wants an OS that’s limited to a browser? That’s all it is, a freaking browser. Seariously. I was very disappointed to find out it’s limitations when I tried it my self. I used to be a Windows guy. Now I use Ubuntu. Users of the Chrome OS will eventually want to use the computer when not connected to the internet, then the frustration will start. If I was a netbook mfr I would see the adoption of Chrome OS on my product line as being a big risk.

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