PaintShop Pro 8 is a remarkably versatile photo editing program that delivers Photoshop and better functionality for 1/4 the price. First, it is given that in the professional print reproduction process Photoshop has a commanding lead that only Corel PhotoPaint can challenge. But for sheer graphics editting, effects, color corrections and just plain ease of use – PaintShop Pro has taken the lead even over Photoshops “easy-to-use” sibling, Photoshop Elements.

It starts with the image-browser. PaintShop Pro is the pioneer and still has the fastest and easiest to use image browser – displaying all the images you have stored in any directory. Doyuble click and your are in image edit mode where a complete set of graphic toolbars and menus are at your disposal. Want to take the auto-route ? Use the Auto pulldown for auto color corections and sharpening touches. Or use Help | Learning Center and get step by step instructions. Or use the Effects | Effect Browser to see what special processing or effects will do to improve your image. Or use the macro pull down to use one of dozens of macros (more are available at the Jasc website) to further enhance your photos. Or use the … you get the idea.

My own personal favorite is the Image | Photo Frames command. No, its the Adjust | Remove Noise | Edge Preserving Smooth command. Keep this up and I will have revealed all my photo and web image editting tricks of the trade. Might as well give up – they are already available at