Prediction: Microsoft Will Buy Novell

Redmond is definitely kicking the tires. This is a known pattern on Microsoft purchases – first doing kiss, make up and lets do good together as required. Then actually doing joint things together. But most of all confirming these gals and guys really do have the goods we want.

And Novell does.

1)one of the best Linux distributions out there;
2)still vibrant and productive developer workforce both on Linux and other side of the fence;
3)some valuable patents;
4)some equally valuable trade and business practice/secrets database;
5)access to Linus Torvalds, he would finally be working for us as he develops Linux kernel;
6)Some very good system assets in Access Manager, Bordermanager, eDirectory, etc;
7)Some useful things in Workgroup, Identity and Security;
9)a bargain stock price;
10)insurance and a way to into Linux and cross platform in a hurry if it takes off.

Microsoft may do an Oracle and simply try to shape the evolution of its Open Source competition by owning a key player.

(c)JBSurveyer 2007
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