PSSST: Wanna Buy Windows XP?

Do you want to get some new PC hardware but bypass the pleasures of having to relearn the WOW of running your OS and Office ? And really – did you want to spend the weekend like my two buddies – searching frantically for Vista drivers for peripherals that worked just fine under Windows XP ? Ohhh … you just love adding an extra 1GB of memory to your system because 1GB is just not enough for Vista- will that be DDR or RAMBuckTaker II? Now I am not telling you to spend no-bucks on a Linux Fedora 6 complete system download. That would be too easy. Rather – shhhhhhh – come to Toronto to see the new first place Raptors and get yourself a new machine fully loaded with Windows XP. All the shops have it.

(c)JBSurveyer 2007
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