WiFi Directions

I am reading in the comfort of the Northumberland library at Port Hope (most of the libraries in Nortumberland county in Ontario have free WiFi service) all about the slow, inexorable trend towards super-charging the Ether – the sale of 700Mhz band including the possibility of bids for part of that band by Google (for a cool $5B). But jusrt as important is the $20B in WiMax commitment of Sprint, Clearwire and others for WiMax infrastructure (inluding portions of that 700MHz band).

Now like the coming of GUI and LAN to round out desktops – the range and capacity that WiMax will bring to the ether will spawn a whole new range of apps well beyond Microsoft Live or Google Office as bandwidth steps aside from being a constraint for Web interaction. Not SaaS either but mobile devices (note the plural) and Online/Offline opllaboration with any device. Perhaps the most important concept is that Web connection will become, like the telephone which it will clearly subsume, just a POU-Plain Ordinary Utility . As vital as water and power to everyday life.

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