Adobe Officially Says Adios to Apple iPhone, iPad Development

Mike Chambers, product manger for Adobe Flash, made it official today–  Adobe would stop developing for Apple’s iPhone platform. See the following commentary:
PCWorld – summary of the situation and Adobe’s withdrawal from iPhone, iPad development
Mike Chambers blog – Adobe Flash Product manager explains position eloquently
Francis X. Cringely – commentary on decision by Apple to exclude Flash code generator
Takethe5th – analyzes the downside for this decision to Apple, upside for many others
Clearly Google’s Android and ChromeOS benefit directly as they will have product out the door the soonest while Android is catching up fast in both the quantity and quality of its apps.  But other vendors from Amazon to Nokia should also profit now that developers see how draconian development rules will be for the iProduct line. I suspect that Apple’s  move to a monopoly position on smartphones, and lite tablets/slates/pads will be torpedoed by the blunt force of this move by Apple.

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