After 10 years of playing increasingly third  fiddle to Google’s search engine Microsoft’s Search Engine , Bing, has turned an important corner. It is garnering ravish reviews – the game is on.

As we previously reported the reaction to Bing is increasingly positive particularly the innovations on displayed results where and others have done a much better job. Well Google, the epitomes of simplicity and frugality, are getting whupped by Bing. In a comprehensive posting, NYTimes David Pogue points the many ways after the search button is pressed, that Bing beats Google. These views are echoed by respected Web reviewer  Jim Rapoza at eWeek. True, Google finds more relevant things than Bing; but Bing delivers the results in a lot more innovative and engaging ways. I particularly like the rightbar next to a search result that allows one to see with a hovering hint an overview of whats on the asscoiated  web page. Go here for some great visual  comparisons of the two browsers[but put the comparison in horizontal mode].

No wonder Google’s cofounder Sergei Brin was so worried – Redmond is making Google’s GUI simplicity no longer a virtue in the display of search results. Google Finance is an acknowledgement of that – but Bing clearly has a lead. The Search battle is on again.