Google’s New Look. Bing.

Google has finally released on a regular basis the New Look of its Search Results. Bing. Now I don’t want to imply that Microsoft or AskUs had any influence on this new look. Bing. But clearly Google is out to make its search page results as attractive as its search engine savvy. Bing.

Also the declining use of second and subsequent page results means that Google had to find a way to allow its users to mine the returned results more quickly. Bing. Some say Google looks too much like Bing; but I hardly think so[see screenshot of new Google at bottom of this post]. Bing.

Also Bing has nearly doubled its market share in the past 9 months with its enhanced and innovative new look and layout of search results. Bing. But Google continues to climb in market share too. Bing.

Here is the process Google went through to achieve its new page design:

Some of the nuances for page redesign seem extraordinary. However a simple pulldown in the left sidebar to add more search results would be quite helpful. Also it would be very useful to be able to rate the results page – so Google could get an idea of how well they served the results. But the movement to more and quick user customization of page results is a long overdue move in the right direction – Bing.

Here is the look of the new Google Search results layout – note two, one-click  options have been used. Bing.


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