InK – Interface Kit: Responsive, Mobile JS Framework

In our sister publication, JavaScriptures, we have reviewed two JS Responsive/Mobile Frameworks – Bootstrap 3.2 and Foundation 5.3.2. And broadly, the reviews have been positive because both frameworks deliver 12 column grids which help to deliver responsive designs with sticky menus and a core of basic JavaScript UI components. Both Web designers and developers will find the combo JS and CSS/SASS frameworks easy to work with especially given their selection of core templates to do all sorts of designs from Photo Galleries to Portfolio sites.Finally, both JS Frameworks have good documentation support – so creating spiffy SPA-Single Page Apps is a breeze with these frameworks.

So why consider InK? Well take a look at this SPA website which was done in less than 6 hours using InK[the site is live so click on menus]:
[iframe src=”” width=’100%’ height=’640′ ] Click on the menuitems Scene and Slides of Shore to see the app in action

Well, InK has a 20 column grid with a little more room to maneuver and a few more CSS classes for media query breakpoints and tuning the mobile responsiveness of a specific design. In doing some detailed layouts, the extra grid columns certainly helped to fit panels better together. The InK-Flebox class is particularly useful in business apps where tables, lists, and grids all have special styling needs.

On the JavaScript side, Ink has most of the same features as Bootstrap and Foundation including sticky menus, modal popups, tab widgets, and carousel slider among others. But InK goes beyond with jQuery-like selectors, Ajax support, Treeview widget and several Form processing routines. Because InK has a Require module, control of loading scripts is also at the developers disposal.
InK’s templates are great design starting resources

Finally the InK Cookbook and routine documentation are quite helpful[though it would be nice to have standalone demo scripts];so this developer found himself productive in short order in creating the Presquile demo app. Still to be thoroughly  tested: how well InK plays with other
JavaScript Libraries – so far no problems with Angular and jQuery; but that is a very small sample.


This reviewer was so impressed with the InK grid layout, added JavaScript components and its useful templates, it became obvious that this JS Mobile Responsive Framework easily deserves  to be ranked among the top three frameworks.

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