Microsoft is selling a lot of futures of late. Much is coming through eWeeks Darryl Taft who appears to have the pipeline into Redmonds development intentions. First there was hints of a lean, mean Windows 7; then the fact that Visual Fred would be going back sometime real soon now into being a scripting language like old Visual Basic, and then the most recent discussions of OSLO modeling and D – Microsofts promise to make development as easy as Visual Studio, despite all its Designers, is not.

So though I have great trepidation about MDA-Model Driven Application development, there is a nice piece of software from Skyway Software that is catching my attention.

Now I am deeply into a whole bunch of work on JavaScript Frameworks and RIA offerings which is just eating up time. But I promise to return to tell you what tests with the software say about the combo of Skyway Builder, Skyway Director and Skyway Visual Workspaces. The first run through the docs was impressive because Builder had a good connection to the other side, the deployment and runtime control represented by Skyway Director. Hopefully I will get back to this topic sooner rather than later. But if you are curious, give Skyway a look.