Listen to this. I went to get my Toshiba laptop repaired. I had bought from Staples a 2 year extension to my warranty ,with promised 3 business day turnaround. I am halfway into the second year and battery life is down to 35 minutes, the charger suddenly drops, and now the computer drops dead too – sporadically. So I take it to myStaples deal – who says gues what? we are now on 5-7 business days turnaround!

Oh great! But I give up the computer (the cost of all the repairs still will nick my pocket enough such that I will recover my warranty cost – so at least lets get that). Then I go across the street to Future Shop and ask about renting a laptop. Sure you want it for 3 weeks ? We can only do in increments of a month – and this is a special for our customers that will be $400.

Wow! Then I look at the price of a brand new Toshiba with double the memory, double the USB ports, triple the disk space, 2cores on a 2.GHZ processor, Windows Media Center, and its just over $1000US taxes not included. But the kicker is that so much of my work, images and data are now SaaS- software as a service or open source or online gallery based – the change over to the new machine is a lot less onerous – so I buy the new laptop on the spot. The New machine wioll allow for virtualization easily. The old machine when it comes back will be my Linux laptop and:

Never buy an extended warranty from a retailer unless they can do on site repairs. Hear that Staples.

(c) JBSurveyer 2006

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  1. I have seen lots of useful items on your internet site about pcs. However, I have the view that notebook computers are still not quite powerful more than enough to be a good choice if you typically do things that require many power, just like video editing. But for web surfing, word processing, and quite a few other frequent computer work they are all right, provided you do not mind your little friend screen size. Thanks for sharing your notions.

    1. I am convinced that more than 40% of users do not need a PC but will be fine and very happy with a tablet – especially a dockable tablet phone [see my posting here].For the other 60% of PC users notebook PCs make a lot of except for hard core gamers, developers, and system operators who hang 2-10 monitor off of the same base PC – then just as for gamers and developers – all the horsepower you can get leaves most notebooks gasping for power.