Meetup-WordPress Backend Bustout

Most of the attention in the WordPress community  for the past five years has been about the effort to build a better WordPress frontend – a  Visual Editor using React JavaScript that becomes an integral part of the WordPress core and runs increasing portions of the WordPress “No Coding Knowledge Required” system. But the Gutenberg […]

New Surge Performance Plugin

This banner headline at WP Tavern recently caught my attention. Surge: A New Page Caching Plugin for WordPress with No Configuration Required Having just done a WordPress Meetup featuring WordPress performance plugins, one that delivered performance tuning without having to do any tinkering with performance settings – this was of keen interest. So the logical step […]

Banned WordPress Plugins

At a recent WP Meetup about Database plugins I was faulted for not citing which of the plugins being reviewed had been banned by WordPress or other vendors. Yes, I am aware of banned plugins. But I had never deliberately searched for them. However, a Securi note that 78% of hacked websites used WordPress confirmed that […]

Web Development Tools Overview

While completing a posting on the Mobile Mandate in Web Development, I ran across this excellent review of contemporary  Web Development  skills and tools.  What makes this video compelling is that there is a natural order to the explaining the tools. Thus, the progression is from HTML and CSS to SQL,PHP and Vanilla JavaScript and […]

Scanning Online for WordPress Security Flaws

WordPress Security flaws have been a growing risk to developers and owners alike over the past 3-4 years. As if on cue, a Halloween 2017 security surprise just added a new level of concern about WordPress hacking vulnerabilities. So being able to scan online WordPress websites for security safety has become more important for developers […]

How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost?

Codeable has an interesting infographic about the pricing for building a new  WordPress Business website with 6 pages and a blog as shown below. Lets look at some of the key assumptions being made by Codeable about developing this Business Website. First and foremost, Codeable does not define the nature of the 6 pages nor does […]

Discovered at WordCamp 2015 TO: Duplicator Plugin

During the WordCamp session on Saturday about Systematic Holistic Speed by Paul Bearne, the question of website back-up and migration arose. Ye editor mentioned that Backup Buddy was  a premium but very  good backup and website migration tool. But another attendee said that Duplicator was  nearly the opposite , a great migration tool that could […]

Discovered at WordCamp 2015 TO: WP-Optimize Plugin

During Jessica Gardners talk , WordPress Development for Non-Developers: An Introductory Tour Under the Hood, the discussion turned on how to clean the various database tables associated with a WordPress site. Mary Ann Shew, who had just delivered the lecture before,  on  Piecing Together the WordPress Puzzle, suggested the inevitable – there must be a […]

3 Upcoming WordPress Breakthroughs

WordPress has become the most popular CMS in the World – dominating its rivals with 23% marketshare for all websites in the World. In contrast, Joomla at 2% and Drupal at 2% are far behind. As seen in software and app development at Apple, Microsoft, and other vendors, the key to WP’s success is a very strong […]

Replacing Adobe Dreamweaver

This reviewer has been a Dreamweaver user since its early appearance as a Macromedia program over 15 years ago. Dreamweaver was the first IDE for HTML+CSS+Javascript with a unique Visual + Code view of a developing web page file. It also held out the promise for a tight integration with PHP+MySQL client server development with a […]

Free Online Web Testgrounds

Over the past year, three online Web testing “playgrounds” have emerged which can be quite useful to WordPress and Web developers alike. All three allow users to register and then save their work for later review at no cost. Here are the test environs: JSFiddle – allows testing in 3 panels: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript […]

SQLFiddle:Demo and Testing for SQL Databases

Previously, JSFiddle was featured here as a very handy JavaScript demo and testing environ on the Web. I use it when I don’t have my own machine but want to test out a Web Page that has JavaScript code. Well now the same testing capability has been created for SQL – and its called SQLFiddle. […]

DBMS Directions

There is a whole class of new database development that refines the classic Relational database models. Think NoSQL and NewSQL. Here is a paper by Daniel Abadi who is responsible for some of the better NoSQL implementations and has influenced the NewSQL directions. This is a greater starter reference on what is currently  happening in database development […]

The OS Mess

The primary reason ye Editor is NOT an admirer of Apple and Steve Jobs is his relentless drive to establish a monopoly equal to or greater than Bill Gates’ Microsoft. Steve is out to prove that 30 years ago, he was the real deal, the real innovator in personal computing – and Bill …. Bill […]

Client Software Development – 3 Added Degrees of Complexity

There is no doubt that the classic Computing World is fragmenting. No more the Wintel monopoly as it is losing its 90% market share dominance of the personal computing client scene to upstart Apple iDevices, Android smartphones plus a wave of RIM,Dell, Samsung, Archos and other tablets. The PC, even in laptop form, is no […]

Java + LAMP Hosting:Stallmanned

I just finished an all day seminar on BIRT the partially Open Source report writing package available from Actuate[the Core is open, the extended services are closed and the two packages are, according to Actuate people, moving in different directions – More on this in a later posting]. BIRT software is impressive especially with its […]

WordPress is Best Overall CMS of 2009

Okay, I will admit a bias toward WordPress because I have been using it on 5 of my own blogs and dozens of other projects. But I use Drupal, Joomla. Gallery, PHPBB and Coppermine too. No one CMS is clearly dominant – you fit each CMS strengths to the tasks at hand. Interestingly, WordPress has […]

PostgreSQL: Signs of Maturity

Over the past few years, PostgreSQL has caught my attention for spatial processing features, suggestions of enterprise level performance plus features and other virtues. But I have stayed away because PostgreSQL installations were problematic and the Administration features suspect. Well in the past 3 years that has changed substantially – and I have the proof […]

“Most IT pros not planning on Windows 7 rollout”

“Most IT pros not planning on Windows 7 rollout” is the headline of an article at the IT scoop site, theRegister. The story is based on a survey done of 1100 business users by Scriptlogix. This survey goes counter to what Microsoft has been saying about users reactions to Windows 7. A number of factors […]

Google Chrome OS: Pivotal Player

Google will have not one but two OS available for Netbooks and PCs by this time next year. Google Android has already been adopted for smartphones and  is also being used on a number of Netbooks for introduction this Fall. But now Google has officially announced the Google Chrome OS – which is a new […]

IBM Stream Computing

Just two weeks ago, our report on Semi-Structured data processing had a major gap – no real IBM presence. True enough, the IBM/Cognos, IBM FileNet and other IBM BI offerings certainly dealt with some aspects of semi-structured data ,particularly FileNet’s positions in Content Management and Record Archiving. But the integration across platforms through semi-structured data […]

Semi-Structured Data; Some New Servers

The big trend in database is the effort to  XML-ize Semi- structured data. This is like a big SOAP project in both senses of the Word. Many of the control structures and procedural setting borrow from SOAP. But  it is also an attempt by the major Relational Database vendors such as  IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and […]

Oracle:Left Coast Big Blue

I thought of titling this posting as “Sam P. ? Is that  a Sunny Yolk on  You?”  – but I didn’t. Instead I would like to ask Barrons to reconsider elevating Sam P. to the exhalted ranks of Best of Barrons CEOs. Also I would like to ask the IBM Board to riddle me this […]

Sun Shines on IBM

The Sun shines on IBM if Armonk decides to go ahead with the rumored purchase of Sun Microsystems   because Sun fills so many serious gaps at IBM. In fact I was just about  to do an article which would cite IBM as being almost out to lunch on key computing directions including: a)virtualization technology and […]

RazorSQL – A Missed Opportunity

RazorSQL is an example of an opportunity missed. This is a general database query, display and editing program that runs in Linux, Mac, Solaris, and Windows. It reads a wide range of  databases from DB2 thru MySQL to SQLite – over two dozen. It is free for 30 day trial and can be downloaded here. […]

Cloud Computing Drivers: AJAX Frameworks

It can be argued that  JavaScript AJAX Frameworks are leading software development right now. This is not just UI Web development but the whole tenor of software being developed. Open, agile developing that is cross browser, OS, and database/web server platforms are the regular mashup targets of more developers. And the primary development software they […]

Web Goes the Way of SQL

On, I have been doing a revamped series of reviews and tutorials on CSS. One of the facts that is emerging is that W3C standards like CSS, DOM, and DHTML JavaScript are being abused, ignored or delibrately bypassed and thwarted by browser vendors despite having close to ten years to deliver on a very […]

7 Dimensions of Information

Information is multi-dimensional and dynamic which in turn makes IT difficult to manage well over time. Here are some of the dimensions of information: 1)It is model based. This means information is not one isolated fact but rather several datum points that are the attributes/properties of a model. That model helps to describe and predict […]