W3C has just published the recommended XInclude or XML Include standard. Big deal… “includes”, whoopee cushion action here.

Well maybe a little more than whoopee cushions. In fact, another reason to switch to XHTML because XIncludes can be used with XHTML. Yet another way for compenentizing Web page development without having to resort to ASP or JSP taglibs and their weird, superhero sounding names and less than resounding performance/capabilities. Mind you I like the direction ASP, JSP and JSF are taking for more stateful control of web pages. Just a case of being somewhat oversold on their simplicity and ease of use.

Now the same may be true of XInclude – because you have to use XHTML which has the one bugaboo in current development tools – irrational support for case sensitive naming of variables and tags. Adam Bosworth of BEA and Google has called for a revision in thinking on ease of program development. I would suggest software designers start with banishing case sensitivity. But as well, the real power of XIncludes will come with programmatic support through the DOM and/or use in ASP, JSP and other runtime generator systems. In general, XInclude has a great deal of promise – much more than just a whoopee cushion toot.


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