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Google Chrome OS has provoked a lot of commentary. This posting will be updated over the next month or two. Here is the best seen so far:
July 8th Information Week by Art Wittman – catches the nature of the opportunity very well.
July 8th by Jeff Bertolucci at PCWorld – proposes a series of hardball hit tactics in old Microsoft Mafia style
July 9th NYTimes by HELFT VANCE – looks at the direct competition with Microsoft Windows.
July 9th ComputerWorld by Eric Lai – looks at the Chrome OS implications for  Wireless and Telcos.
July 9th Infoworld Randall C Kennedy – Google Chrome OS has ice cubes chance in Hell
End of  July 9th original post

More to come… it has taken a week but the reviews are now hitting the fan bigtime:
July 10th, Olga Kharif at Business Week – takes the Google Chrome vs Google Android idea and explores it in intriguing ways
July 10th, Mike Miller at PCMag – again looks at Android and asks is this a “PC” OS
July 10th, Scott Wilson at CIO-Weblog – different, but astute technical analysis of Chrome
July 10th, Rafe needleman at CNET – looks at implications of Chrome’s Cloud orientation
July 11th, Robert Hof at Business Week – says Chrome is a CloudOS geared like JavaStation for a primarily online world
July 11th, Zack Whittaker at ZDnet – a brief history of conjectured Chrome origins
July 11th, Sam Varghese at ITwire – thinks Google has misstepped
July 11th, Carneades at Seeking Alpha – see this as Antitrust ploy by Google versus Microsoft
July 12th, Robert X. Cringely at NYTimes – is deeply cynical, describing Bing and Chrome as MAD-mutually assured destruction counter-ploys
July 13th, Eric Savitz at Barrons – appears to completely misread the market for Chrome and Netbooks
July 13th, Erica Naone at MIT Technology Review – first thorough look from development viewpoint

Generally, the second round emphasizes three implications: 1)this is a Cloud/Netbook OS for a new ‘online predominately market [light, long battery, Web connected – think students and office workers], 2)more direct Google versus Microsoft implications and 3)Google versus Google is in play here too.
End of July 13th update.

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  1. I have installed Chrome OS on one of my laptops. Well, it feels like Ubuntu GUI the first time i use it. It is pretty much very basic.

    1. Marc –
      I am sure it is going to be very fast; I am not certain that users will respond to a browser application framework. Apps and a desktop are compelling.

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