AI Writing Tools – Aint Going To Change My Style

AI Writing and Music tools have an early and deep presence in savvy AI usage. And as a  Yoast user in WordPress and Grammerly with Office being a constant companion one can say this scriber is not exactly a Wordcraft Virgin. But ChatGPT has suddenly inserted real muscle into the auto-generation of paragraphs, presentations, and […]

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WordPress ThemeBuilders Under Stress

Our blog recently posted WordPress Under Duress, a report underlining multiple signs of pressure impacting WordPress. The WP Tavern Posting acknowledged several signs of stress. The article cited intensive competition from other CMS systems  such as SquaresSpace and Shopify, increased complexity throughout the rapidly changing WP Core and profound shortcomings in both the Gutenberg Editor

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WordPress WebPage Performance Tuning

WebPage Performance Tuning WordPress Performance Tuning is like WordPress SEO, an anointed discipline akin to Alchemy – complex practices subject to many sub-disciplines. As a result, three WordPress performance experts agree [ Adam Connel at BloggingWizrds, TomDupuis at Online Media, and Staff at WPBuffs ] that there are a number of factors that can impact

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Meetup-WordPress Backend Bustout

Most of the attention in the WordPress community  for the past five years has been about the effort to build a better WordPress frontend – a  Visual Editor using React JavaScript that becomes an integral part of the WordPress core and runs increasing portions of the WordPress “No Coding Knowledge Required” system. But the Gutenberg

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WordPress Popup PDFs

This tutorial is based on the fact that PDFs have become the leading document integrators on the Web.  Note the distinction – PDFs are multi-page containers for completed rich output like word documents, spreadsheet tables or Visio and other  Object diagrams.  PDFs are not like web development containers like Docker, Kubernetes, and Envoy which encompass

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Measuring your Website

Measuring the Web The Web is the20th Century’s Cauldron of Change. The Web  is spilling  out change that is innovative, widespread and intimidating. Innovative because with DIY- Do-It-yourself Web Development tools  it is possible for individuals and teams to create online presences and services that would have been improbable before the Internet. Widespread because in

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Editorx Beta Bolsters Wix?

Wix and Squarspace have to watch out, Shopify, a Canadian startup specializing in shopping sites, has taken over their runner-up position in the Content Management System sweepstakes  Both Wix and and Squarespace are saddled with same dynamic – low usage websites and comparatively a small number of website than their competitors. Wix appeared to have

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ClassicPress: Why a WordPress Clone?

ClassicPress is a GPLv2[Free Software Foundation] clone of WordPress version 4.9.x – any theme, plugin or website that runs on WordPress 4.9 will run on ClassicPress. The ClassicPress FAQ page provides key insights into the reason for ClassicPress: ClassicPress is a community-led fork of the WordPress content management system that preserves the classic TinyMCE editor

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Interactive News

If this post’s title sounds like an oxymoron – it is deliberately so. Print newspapers are declining – not yet Dodo material. Even in Toronto with 4 daily print newspapers [Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The National Post and The Sun – note each of these are Internet editions], the newspapers are surviving. The

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WordPress PageBuilders as PageStylers and ThemeBuilders

This is a story about the intense competition among the WordPress PageBuilders for the past 3 years has added substantial PageStyling and ThemeBuilding capabilities to all the top  tools. Consider the following table  of the top WordPress PageBuilders: Tool Free+Pro Cost site/year WP Plugin Rating  Active Sites Beaver Builder  Yes , $99US  unlimited/yr 4.98 500,000+

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Mobile Development With “No-Coding-Required” Mandate

moble data traffic trends

While doing a review of Google Sites, a second “no coding required” app making system was encountered. Forrester calls this tool system – Mobile Low-Code Platforms For Business Developers. Forrester and Clutch identify this as a fast  growing development segment as companies look to speed up data and information exchange internally between offices and divisions

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Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling is a pervasive requirement for  a wide range of service businesses.Think of rentals of equipment, rooms, expertise. Or scheduling events, classes, and training. Or booking flights and other modes of transportation.   Or the range of personal care appointments made by doctors, dentists, chiropractors, yoga instructors, physiotherapists, hair stylists, beauty spas, etc, etc. The

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Keywords Help Everywhere

  Having been badly cash-burned by Facebook and Google on their pay for click schemes, this reviewer has concentrated on 2 different SEO Marketing strategies. First, conversion lead strategies like one-time discount prices for trying a service, or free copies of tutorials in exchange for an email address or free advisories with links to other providers 

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How Gutenberg is Shaking WordPress UI Foundations

But It Is Theme And PageBuilder Vendors Who Are Currently Transforming How WordPress UI Design Is Actually Done Let us be clear, Gutenberg is by itself having a profound effect on WordPress UI Design and Development. Here are some of the major trends. Gutenberg brings the 3rd Generation JavaScript frameworks to WordPress. In the case

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Speed Wins: Why WordPress Adopted JavaScript

Why More of WordPress UI is written in JavaScript not PHP With the announcement of Calypso, a JavaScript based UI in November of 2015 and then the launch of the Gutenberg project in 2016 using React.js,  WordPress Head Honcho Matt Mullenweg tripped off a lot of conjectures as to why the departures from WordPress’ primary

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Cornerstone & Divi PageBuilders

Here are two WordPress PageBuilders which support important features that make for productive development – extensive styling options for each UI element plus targetted  section as well as page templates. One of the key advantages of PageBuilders is that they deliver  frontend, WYSIWYG editing so end users as well as developers see what they are

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CSI Member’s Excellent Website:

Evergreen is another HTML5 website that tracks the many policies associated with Evergreen  and the associated leisure time activities at the Evergreen Brickworks. Evergreen follows  in the style of  excellent CSI Member’s websites. Its mission is clearly declared on the opening page, the navigation is easy to follow and the website is chock full of

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CSI Member’s Excellent Website: Art Institute Canada

Art Institute Canada is a bilingual website which is “dedicated to making Canadian art history a contemporary conversation “. And they more than succeed with wonderful stories  filled with great historical and contemporary images of some of  the best  Canadian artists at work.  Art Institute Canada is a throwback – it is written in  straightforward HTML5  showing what

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CSI Member’s Excellent Website: Kunle.TV

Kunle.TV states its purpose and vision on its front page with a full width, video mission statement  capped with the Cisco declaration – “By 2019, 80% 0f all the world’s Internet traffic will be video”. is written in WordPress and every page is filled  with informative videos ranging from Futurism Weekly through Video Presenting

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CSI Best Website: is an example of excellence in small business, non-profit websites at Toronto’s CSI- Centre for Social Innovation. Here is is a screenshot of : What makes CSI-Centre for Social Innovation interesting is that it supplies co-working space and collaboration tools for small businesses [about 35% of members] and non-profit organizations [about 55% of

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JavaScript Arriving in WordPress Stealthily

With Calypso and Gutenberg, clearly JavaScript is arriving onto WordPress in a big way. Here are seven reasons why: Gutenberg is not just the new Visual Editor but is the “official” WordPress PageBuilder; But Gutenberg goes beyond page building and is a complete Web canvas builder – header, content, footer, sidebar plus any popups and

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WordPress JavaScript Reactions

WordPress Gutenberg and Calypso are back in the tech news now that  CIC Matt Mullenweg has rejected React.js as the core JavaScript library for WordPress. The issue is the Patent Clause in  Facebook’s licensing  which is less than the Open Source Software’s adherence to unencumbered usage standards as in MIT’s license.  So Matt felt compelled by some

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Post Grid Plugins

Grids are vital UI elements in medium to large scale websites. Think  of websites with scores if not hundreds of products or properties or simply posts. Grids go well beyond tabular layouts or even accordion lists. Grids are able to show off  all  items in varying sorted order and subject to category and/or filters. The

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Gutenberg Page Builder: A September UI Autopsy

Matt Mullenweg has written a detailed post on Gutenberg, the upcoming WordPress PageBuilder plugin. Within the post  is a critical commitment by Matt: WordPress has always been about websites, but it’s not just about websites. It’s about freedom, about possibility, and about carving out your own livelihood, whether it’s by making a living through your

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