HTML5 Web Browsers:Benchmarks and Market Share

HTML5 is rapidly coming of age as a)the major browser vendors move to implement more of HTML5 and b)Web developers, especially for mobiles, add more HTML5 features. So theOpenSourcery will be producing a quarterly report on the latest HTML5 Web Browser performance and market share numbers. Also commentary on Web Development related to the browsers […]

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Google Plus is ++

Dave Winer is yawning at Google Plus, the new social sharing service offering from Mountain View[what happens to Google’s Orkut??]. Dave says it is just a personal peeve between Google top brass and Facebook top brass. Ye Editor has moved from MySpace to Flickr to  Fotki to Facebook never quite satisfied among existing Web/Social Sharing

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Steve Jobs Post-PC Era:The Computing Divides

Steve Jobs in his announcement of the Apple iPad 2  emphasized that client computing has reached a Post-PC era. In fact, Jobs cited the complete product line of Apple iDevices as leading the way into the new Post-PC era of computing . Nowhere has this  Computing Divide of the Post-PC Era  been made more apparent than in a

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Client Software Development – 3 Added Degrees of Complexity

There is no doubt that the classic Computing World is fragmenting. No more the Wintel monopoly as it is losing its 90% market share dominance of the personal computing client scene to upstart Apple iDevices, Android smartphones plus a wave of RIM,Dell, Samsung, Archos and other tablets. The PC, even in laptop form, is no

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IE9: Such a Disappointment

IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE9, what a disappointment! It would not be so bad if Microsoft had managed expectations better. But the ACID3 scores going from 55% to 95%. And all the accelerated graphics routines. And the promise of Canvas, SVG, and HTML5 support. Shades of Windows 3.1 days when the Redmond boys won on glitz over substance[a foreshadowing

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HTML5: Implementation Status – Summer 2010

As one peers  more closely at HTML5 standards and developments, three conclusions come to the  forefront: 1)The revisions in HTML5 are broad and deep – Canvas, SVG, CSS3 and multi-touch gestures will change  fundamentally how the  Web  is visualized,  displayed and interacted with . The <audio>  and <video> tags plus the Apple vs Adobe tussle will

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The IE Boast

This advertisement that is appearing all over the Web is a dual edged sword. On one hand it is trying to encourage users to upgrade from IE7 and IE6 [the latter is particularly backward in features  and more security-error prone]. But on  the other hand the ad  invites jaunty humor like “So far … and

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Whats in Firefox 4

Firefox 4: fast, powerful and empowering View more presentations from Mike Beltzner. The people at Mozilla who are responsible for Firefox deserve admiration. They were the first organization to take on the IE monopoly effectively in the early 2000 time frame by targeting better standards adherence and strong JavaScript support. True, Opera had been battling

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Whither E4X ?

E4X is an extension of ECMAScript that makes XML processing a snap in JavaScript. Read about all the details at W3CSchools or Yahoo or WikiPedia and see what IBM developers , Adobe and  others have to say about E4x and its effectiveness.  Despite the near universal acclaim, currently E4X is only supported in the Firefox

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Web Design IDEs

Drag and drop design of Web pages has been elusive – Borland had a product way back when with IntraBuilder which was quite good- but perhaps was too far ahead of its time. Now Adobe Dreamweaver, the leading Web Design tool sort of skirted with drag and drop design elements but never really supported it

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Ballmer’s Problems Three

Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft is playing serious catchup in 3 big software development tasks: 1)Windows 7 still has speed, reliability, memory usage, hardware+software compatibility issues, and ease of use/learning-to-use problems versus Windows XP – hence Windows XP stays entrenched in corporates where Microsoft cannot muscle users off Win XP like it can in the consumer market

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Browser Negligence: What to Do About Microsoft

In the previous posting showing two online and live Paint programs developed by Finnish University professors, one can get an idea of which browser vendors are supporting SVG vectore graphic and HTML5’s bitmap canvas commands. These capabilities are key to Web 2.0 flourishing. Here are the results using the latest browser versions from all the

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HTML5 , Canvas and SVG

This paper by Bruce Lawson has a lot of the goods on whats happening on HTML5. There is mucho HTML 5 appearing at the wikipedia too. These are important briefings as HTML5 rapidly emerges. This is important to all Web developments. Also, checkout the two Finnish professors’ comparison of SVG Vector Draw  versus Canvas Bitmaps.

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