Liquida Widgets

For the past few months I have been working on a blog widget … it was just about ready when I got an attack of  appendicitis.  Just before resuming the project I found the Liquida Post Widget [its Live!, click on it]: Liquida READ ALL Damn! this widget is really good – and ready to

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Enterprise Browser Analysis: IE8 As Laggard

eWeek’s Jim Rapoza has done a comprehensive survey of Web browsers evaluating their suitability for Enterprise Applications. This is ever more important in the business world as Cloud Computing accelerates and Web 2.0 programs dominate new Enterprise Applications . Also Netbooks/Smartphones are becoming ever more prevalent with much better browser and Web connections. So businesses

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Opera Browser: More Stunning Innovations

eWeek’s Jim Rapoza and I agree mostly on browser performance but  share a common admiration for  the Opera browser. We both credit Opera  for a large amount of the innovation being done  in the  world of browsers. Think gestures, CSS adoption, tabs, SVG support, Carousel, fast+simple dowload thru install – Opera has consistently lead in

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Google Wave:Update

The following is the details about Google Wave, Google’s very ambitious (open source?)effort to takehold of the social networking movement– it is derived from the fairly ample information (but no accessible demos except by permisso) on the Google Wave API pages plus a Business Week overview. Here is the schematic:   The key idea with

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JPEG2000 has shrivelled and not quite died but certainly is not what it promised to be as a replacement for the JPEG image format. Here are the ugly facts: Graphics Support in the Major Browsers Web Standard IE8 Firefox 3.x Chrome 1. Opera 9.6 Safari 4 JPEG2000 No No No No No SMIL Dropped? 3.1

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Why Mozilla Counts

Mozilla counts in the Web World not just because of some of its pioneering Web development projects but because its Firefox browser really has Web muscle – browser market share. See the the tables below which show the increasing Firefox market share: The above results are from the W3CSchools Survey These results are from industry

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EU Has Got It Right

The US DOJ under the Bush Administration totally blew the Antitrust Decision with Microsoft. But that was the first sign of  an endemic incompetence. Now the EU Commission in requiring Microsoft to preload Windows 7 with the Safari, Mozilla, Google, and Opera browsers as well as IE for  a user option of choice (much as

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Cloud Computing Drivers: AJAX Frameworks

It can be argued that  JavaScript AJAX Frameworks are leading software development right now. This is not just UI Web development but the whole tenor of software being developed. Open, agile developing that is cross browser, OS, and database/web server platforms are the regular mashup targets of more developers. And the primary development software they

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Google APIs

Backbase and YUI started it, and now Google has finally succumbed – a great demo interface for its JavaScript APIs: Try it you will like it. But also note that Google is using jQuery 1.26 as its JavaScript Framework for most of the core windowing and display work. Interesting ?

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CES 2009: Yahoo TV Widgets

We cover in our sister publication, PictureThat, the accelerating convergence in  functionality and features between still cameras and video camcorders. Still cameras are borrowing much wider zooms, low lux performance, and image stabilization from video cameras while providing HD video recording capabilities with interchangeable lessons in cameras like the Nikon D90 or Canon Mark 2D

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JavaScript 2/ECMAScript 4 Delayed-Means Forking Inevitable?

I have previously commented on the importance of JavaScript to Adobe and Web 2.o in general – so it is very notable that work on ECMAScript 4 has been partitioned or delayed depending on who you consult. Clearly there is a functional and learning burden making the shift up to JavaScript 2/ECMAScript 4 – just

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Photoshop for Web Development

Sitegrinder is a Photoshop plugin – not an ordinary photo-effects oriented plugin; but rather a Web Development tool. SiteGrinder allows graphic artist to layout the design for a website page (or pages) in Adobe’s Photoshop. Using the extensive Layer and Layer Comp facilities in Photoshop one can add sophisticated buttons, links, page transitions, galleries, and

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Google Finance

As one can well imagine throughout the Financial Fiasco, letting the Financial community handle your investments has become both financially risky and intellectually stressing. So I am now doing do-it-yourself investing. Thus I am responsible for tuning and diversifying the portfolio with returns and risks managed to longer term goals. And being a Web developer

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Underhyped Software

Let me suggest one candidate for underhyped software – that is software that is quite good but just manages to stay under the radar except for the people doing work with it – the ones in the know. The JavaScript framework jQuery is just such underhyped software. jQuery Selector lab demo from the book jQuery

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Max Adobe Show

The Adobe Max Show in San Francisco this week is becoming as important to Web and Cloud Designers and Developers as the Microsoft PDF/TechEd conferences used to be for staying on the state of the art in IT development. But now it is Adobe that is moving on a three prong front that is really

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Chrome vs IE8

Update: See the latest benchmark results including Firefox, Opera, Safari results here. On the day after Labor Day I got a browser surprise. During my Windows XP updates (I always select user customized over the default because Redmond gives me stuff I don’t want unlike on my Linux notebook), Microsoft offered me a chance to

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The FireBug Advantage

Now some would argue that Firefox deserves to be your browser for the great number of cool plugins that it offers. This story in Computerworld is typical of what the Web savvy are saying about Firefoxs plugin advantage. The Firefox website has this list of 1844 and counting add-ons. Others will say that Firefox real

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