The Gutenberg Post

Here is our Gutenberg Post transferred to See the complete Gutenberg preview and impact analysis here. Below the line is our first post using Gutenberg – note we copied for test purposes the first 3 paragraphs  of the WPTavern review of Gutenberg: Gutenberg has been in development for six months and is ready for

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SquareSpace vs WordPress : A Second Look

A review of SquareSpace vs WordPress in the WPMUDev blog raises the question of whether web development reviews are becoming as partisan as politics. Jenni McKinnon in writing 27 Reasons Why WordPress Crushes Squarespace Every Time has committed to print a yuge number of Trumpian fallacies which knocks the review way off balance. vs Distinction

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Web PageBuilders Are Essential Tools

How PageBuilder Tools have become essential in web development The combination of no-coding-required UI/UX PageBuilding features plus comparative operational ease of use has made [but curiously not] the best Web design environment for a broad range of business and IT systems. As a result WordPress has risen to a  leading Market Share position

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WIDDE – WordPress Interactive Design/Development Environs

The Emergence of WPIDE-WordPress Interactive Design/Development Environs How WordPress UI Design  Caught up with SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, etc. As a WordPress developer for the past 8 years I have had to contend with the fact that WordPress UI tools have had to play catchup with the interactive, drag & drop and True WYSIWYG  capabilities available from

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Swifty Suite for WordPress SiteBuilding

Dutch software developers have been delivering some superb interactive, point and click website design environs. For example, Mobirise has a great and free  JavaScript/Bootstrap 3 based Website Builder perfect for simple website applications – like a Design Portfolio, a Restaurant website, a Photo Gallery that works on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. Your editor looked at Mobirise

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Google Fonts: Free Designer Typography

  Google Fonts: Top Designer Typography for Free And unlike other Google software like Gmail and Adsense, there is no need for a  Missing Manual. [animate_animate animation=”twisterInDown” duration=”3″ activation=”click” delay=””]Yippee for Google Fonts! Click me to see my excitement![/animate_animate] So let us take a look at what Google Fonts provides to web designers and developers

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CSS Hero and Site Origins CSS Editor:Update

At the start of this year, theOpensourcery did a review of twoWordPress CSS Editor plugins that help WP developers make CSS corrections more effectively. Since then there have been notable improvements to the two plugins -especially CSSHero 2.0.. Since both plugins will be a key part of our upcoming May 7 free presentation on WordPress with CSS

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W3CSS and Knockout.js

This post is about two fast and furious Web developments. First is the emergence of as a vital tool for Web Development and the second is the proliferation of so many Javascript Frameworks for SPA-Single Page Applications. Now many of my Web Development colleagues regard W3School as the Mickey Mouse Club of Web Development.

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A Simple WordPress FAQs/Help System

jQuery AutoComplete is already useful for Bootstrap, Foundation and Ink JavaScript frameworks. But I have found a Search Autocomplete  WordPress plugin when combined  with the Relevanssi Search WordPress plugin and Help pages which makes for a very good  FAQ system for your websites. So lets review an outline of how this FAQ system works. First, install Search

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Web BandAids

Over the past 5 years the aids to using HTML5 and other key Web tools have accumulated rapidly. And the need for advice when and how to use features in Web tools has not abated. First there is the continuing rapid release of new features as mobiles and the IoT-Internet of Things bring new demands on

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How Pagelines Caught My Attention

And how JavaScript is becoming main language for WordPress Development Pagelines in 2012 was part of that Wave of WordPress Page Building software that has taken over the WordPress theme market. Theme providers now have a single all-purpose Builder+Theme Designer  like The 7, Divi, or X-Theme. Or like Headway and Ithemes, the vendors support their themes/templates with very

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Agile, Scrum and WordPress

Agile Methods using the Scrum Process seem built for WordPress Development Agile methods have a manifesto and development methodology which is gaining traction not just in software development but broader project planning. Agile methods are geared to handling the rapid change required in modern project planning but also to accomodate fast changing tools and methods

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Best Free Image Gallery Plugin for WordPress

WordPress has left a tremendous gap in support of images and galleries. First, the Media Library is still woefully poor for creating and managing galleries and their various tagged and labelled assets. Nextgen Gallery is a much better and free alternative for managing your media iwhen you have  dozens of galleries and albums with hundreds

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Discovered at WordCamp 2015 TO: Making Websites Easy to Update

Dara Skolnick gave a great presentation for WordPress Developers entitled Help Me Help You: Practical Tips for Designers from A WordPress Developer. This tutorial was packed with great ideas on getting Designer-Developer-Client all pulling well together. At one point, Dara asked a telling question – Ask your developer what do they do to make the website

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Discovered at WordCamp 2015 TO: WP-Optimize Plugin

During Jessica Gardners talk , WordPress Development for Non-Developers: An Introductory Tour Under the Hood, the discussion turned on how to clean the various database tables associated with a WordPress site. Mary Ann Shew, who had just delivered the lecture before,  on  Piecing Together the WordPress Puzzle, suggested the inevitable – there must be a

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RIP Akismet

One of the reasons WordPress became my favorite CMS nearly 10 years ago was Akismet. Back then Akismet eliminated spam like no other plugin. But times have changed: 10 minutes after deleting 2300 spam comments and 156 pending comments on my website, Akismet had let in 90 new pending comments of which only 2 could

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A Second Look at SEO

SEO too often has the connotation that first page ranking on Google Search is the measure of a website’s promotional success. This presentation take a contrarian viewpoint inspired by SearchEngineLand’s notion of a Periodic Table of Promotional SEO Success factors: [gview file=”” width=’100%’ save=”0″] Here is the presentation made at the Quinte West Library free

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The WordPress UI/UX Development Revolution

This website  and its cohort have been underlining the rapid improvements in development tools and plugins available to WordPress Designers in their UI/UX tasks. These tools and plugins are individually accelerating WordPress Design and Development capabilities. But what we shall see is that they are also collectively revolutionizing WordPress Development because of their complimentary effects on

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InK – Interface Kit: Responsive, Mobile JS Framework

In our sister publication, JavaScriptures, we have reviewed two JS Responsive/Mobile Frameworks – Bootstrap 3.2 and Foundation 5.3.2. And broadly, the reviews have been positive because both frameworks deliver 12 column grids which help to deliver responsive designs with sticky menus and a core of basic JavaScript UI components. Both Web designers and developers will

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Marketwatch Converts Menu Layout

Bootstrap-like sticky menus which are also mobile responsive are gaining traction among major vendor websites. Coverage on our sister site, JavaScripture, has increased about savvy  JS  Mobile Responsive Frameworks The latest example of mobile responsive use is the Wall Street Journal’s satellite site, Marketwatch. This site has undergone a major menu layout shift in the

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Gridly.js: Better Portfolio Layout Options

Grid or Portfolio UI layouts are thriving. Masonry.js already has been upgraded to Isotope.js  with its powerful and responsive  filtering and sorting functions. And there are a number of other grid layout Javascript tools appearing including the pulsating yet touch responsive  gridaccordion.js and popup lightbox powered gridfolio.js. Grid image layouts in event , portfolio, gallery, and product

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